Conserve.IO is made up of a growing network of software developers, geo-data and mapping experts, business folk and academics...all with a passion for understanding all how technology can help protect the environment.




Brad Winney, Founder, CEO

Brad’s role is as primary head-cheerleader. Ok, his role is not that thin, but in large part what Brad does is rally us around an idea and get people involved. We all feed off each other’s vision and energy, but Brad’s constant nagging and cajoling is certainly a large part of how we got here today.  Brad was project co-lead for the the Whale Alert initiative coordinating efforts across multiple agency lines including federal, state and local, non-profit, industry and private sector (NOAA, Stellwagen, MassPort Authority, IFAW, Cornell, University of New Hampshire Center for Oceanographic Mapping, Apple, Google). During..and after, Brad became particularly invested in better understanding the role private technology companies could play in interdisciplinary solutions development for all things "conservation".

Brad is the co-founder of several successful start-ups including most recently, EarthNC, a leading provider of geo-spatial software and mobile applications to the marine industry. Earlier Brad co-founded and ran Panopto,  a Carnegie Mellon spin-out delivering lecture capture software and cloud infrastructure to over 500 universities world-wide, and ClariFI a portfolio construction software concern (sold to S&P / McGraw-Hill NYSE: MHP). Brad also served in various corporate capacities in the enterprise software sector highlighted by his roles as CEO of Electrifier (rich media streaming);  SVP of Business Development of Personify (click-stream analytics and data warehousing); EVP and Chief Operating Officer of USConnect (system integration services) and as Channel Sales Manager and Director of Strategic Business Development at Novell (NOVL:US) 

Brad is a graduate of the University of Georgia’s Computer Science program. 


Virgil Zetterlind, Co-Founder, VP, Architecture, Data Services

Virgil Zetterlind brings a wealth of technological and practical experience to Conserve.IO - at home both in the field and in front of the computer solving difficult geo-spatial data management problems.

He is the co-Founder and Chief Technologist of EarthNC, Inc a leader in mobile/web mapping and remote sensing.  He leads EarthNC’s effort in the development of complex iOS, Android, and Google Earth visualizations, geospatial displays, spatial data processing, and mapping for a wide range of customers including the recent Shark Net and Whale Alert projects with a conservation focus. In addition to his industry leading expertise in geospatial data processing and GIS visualization design, Virgil also has a strong background in video and LADAR processing for remote sensing applications.   Virgil has provided direct support as a co-PI on government geo-visualization and remote sensing projects for the DoD, FAA, and NASA.  His work credits also include high-profile Google Earth design projects for Google and the National Geographic Society.

Prior to founding EarthNC, Virgil served as a developmental engineer and program manager for the Air Force Research Laboratory-Munitions Directorate and as a senior engineer for the MITRE Corporation.  While at AFRL, he led the vision-aided navigation research thrust, planned and conducted Video and LADAR airborne data collections, and provided program management on SBIR and DARPA projects including the Exploitation of 3D Data (E3D) LADAR algorithm program.At MITRE, Virgil continued his sensor focus as part of the Air Force Command and Control FFRDC.  His projects included small UAV video and target geolocation, moving target extraction from video, video metadata archiving and retrieval, and the development of sensor event ontologies and metadata standards for video. Many of these projects included live testing at field events such as Empire Challenge, JBD2/JFEX, & Navy TNT. The MITRE Kaleidoscope IR&D effort included significant work on geodata ontologies, processing, and query for moving target tracking from UAV video (

Virgil holds a Masters of Electrical Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology and a Bachelors of Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri - Rolla (Missouri S&T).  Graduating 1st in his class at both schools.

Outside of work, Virgil is an active boater on the Gulf Inter-coastal Waterway and the northern Gulf of Mexico and saw first-hand the effects of the Gulf Oil Spill on local wildlife and the local economy.


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Dr. Randy Kochevar, Science Communications Officer at Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University - Science Advisor 

Randy was born and raised in Colorado, and received his Bachelor’s degree in biology from the Colorado College in 1987. He received his Ph.D. from University of California, Santa Barbara in 1992, where he studied the physiology of deep sea hydrothermal vent and hydrocarbon seep organisms. Randy continued his research as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), where he studied the physiology of cold seep organisms in Monterey Bay.

In 1995 Randy accepted a Research Scientist position at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where he served as manager of the Deep Sea Research and Development program and led the live animal portion of their award-winning “Mysteries of the Deep” exhibit. Once the exhibit opened to the public, Randy’s focus shifted to the aquarium’s education and outreach programs, including web, publishing, and public relations. As the Science Communications Manager for the aquarium, Randy was involved in developing education and outreach programs for collaborative research programs in which the aquarium is involved, and served as the primary media spokesperson on the aquarium’s research activities.

In July, 2006 Randy left the aquarium to join ad2, an interactive agency based in El Segundo, CA. He worked with a variety of clients including Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online, Robb Report Magazine and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History – helping them to develop interactive Web, CD-ROM, multimedia presentations and custom software applications to meet their individual communications needs.

In October, 2008, Randy rejoined the scientific community full-time when he accepted a position in the laboratory of Dr. Barbara Block at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station. In his role as Science Communications Officer, he oversees all public education and outreach programs for the lab, as well as managing a variety of research initiatives including the GulfTOPP animal tracking program and the IGFA Great Marlin Race, which he co-founded.

David McGuire, Marine Biologist, Director, Shark - Outreach advisor

A marine biologist and ocean adventurer, David McGuire is the founder of the ocean conservation organization Shark Stewards. Shark Stewards is a non profit project of the Earth Island Institute dedicated to restoring ocean health by saving sharks and protecting critical marine habitat.

As a research associate of the Department of Aquatic Biology at the California Academy of Sciences, he is participating in a long term study of sharks in the San Francisco Bay. A naturalist and educator David leads ocean expeditions ranging from the San Francisco Bay to the South Pacific which are featured in his travel blog Ocean Voices and documentary films.

David has also received numerous awards for his conservation documentary work including an Emmy for the documentary Reefs to Rainforests on the California Academy of Sciences Philippines Biodiversity Expedition.  He sits on several boards including the San Francisco Green Film Festival and the Cordell Marine Sanctuary Foundation. A dedicated shark conservationist,  he is also an active  teacher and lecturer at numerous public events at schools, aquaria and universities.


Matt McGlincy, Advisor, Engineering - Full stack design and development

Matt has a long and colorful technical history.  He spent many years on the east coast working with networks and databases, before becoming a hardcore Java programmer and moving west during the first Internet boom. He subsequently joined Google, working in a variety of teams (search quality, machine management, systems infrastructure) to help build Google's internal systems, tools, and data visualizations.  Matt left Google to dive into mobile iOS development, shipping a variety of iPhone and iPad apps and games, both for himself and for clients like Evernote and San Francisco's Contemporary Jewish Museum.  Matt holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University at Buffalo and an MFA in Writing from Bennington College.

Andrew Johnson, Co-Founder, CEO  TrailBehind, Inc. - Mobile, GIS 

Andrew has written code, authored prose, and played strategy games professionally since the age of 14. Most recently Andrew was the director of marketing at SureLogic, where he worked on all aspects of marketing strategy and execution, bringing software development tools to market. Prior to that, Andrew worked as a writer and strategist, focused on tech clients, at Elias/Savion Advertising.

Andrew earned a B.S. in business from Carnegie Mellon University ('03). During college, he served as news editor and then editor-in-chief of CMU's student newspaper and worked as a student programmer at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center for three years.

Anna Hentzel-Johnson, Co-Founder, TrailBehind, Inc.  - Back end, server design 

Anna is a veteran web developer who spent the last four years working at Google on a range of interesting technologies, including - a popular social network - and Google Desktop. She previously worked at Silicon Age as a Java Consultant.

Anna earned degrees in computer engineering and mathematics at Iowa State University ('03), graduating with honors. During college, she interned at Microsoft and IBM. Anna also holds a second degree black belt in Taekwondo.