We're proud to be working on several ground-breaking projects using various components of the Conserve.IO mobile data platform. See the gallery below for more information on each. 

Whale Alert

Whale Alert is the first mobile application of its kind that drastically decreases the complexity of complying with environmental regulations for a particular species (in this case, Right whales).

Manatee Alert

Manatee Alert helps Florida boaters have a much easier time of observing speed restriction zones designed to protect this endangered species. 

Shark Net

SharkNet, a collaboration with Stanford University and TOPP Shark Institute, was a ground breaking application designed to increase visibility for important conservation science. 

Spotter is an new field data collection app that integrates smart phone (and tablet) technology with cloud data services. The application suite allows for quick configuration of new data collection projects as well as creating custom groups and organizations. Full effort based data collections are automatically synced with cloud-based storage. 

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-The Conserve.IO team. 

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