Background on Conserve.IO applications

Conserve.IO applications (including Whale Alert, Manatee Alert, “Alert”, “Spotter” and others) are designed to help the public and industry better understand in-place regulations and protective measures across a broad array of critically endangered species and habitats. Conserve.IO mobile applications also help the public report sick, orphaned, stranded or endangered animals or violations of posted ordinances protecting both endangered species and habitats. Data submitted via Conserve.IO mobile application  will help wildlife experts, volunteer stranding networks, government agencies and law enforcement personnel mobilize efforts to protect and save vulnerable animals and habitats.

What personal user information do Conserve.IO applications collect?

We receive and store certain types of information whenever you interact within a Conserve.IO application. This includes a mobile phone identifier that identifies your mobile phone, but cannot be tied to your personal information (see Apple page). Optionally, you can also provide your name, contact phone number, and/or your email address. This information is stored securely in our database and released only to appropriate agency personnel who wish to contact you regarding your submitted data. Conserve.IO may track statistical information such as how frequently users use individual Conserve.IO applications, when you submit data, and from which locations you upload the data.


Security of your information is of paramount importance to us. We work to protect the security of your private information during transmission by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the contact information that we transmit from the app to our servers. The image files and geo-location information that you upload are not encrypted and could be accessed by a third party. Our servers are behind a firewall, and we secure it using the best available methods. Despite this, there are risks involved of computers being breached and your personal information being revealed but we are doing our utmost to minimize this risk. In the event that a third party (either known or unknown to you) gains access to our database, the types of information that may be available to that person are: a) any personal information that you submitted (name, number, email), b) the times of day and locations from which you submitted images, and c) the images that you submitted.

Does Conserve.IO share the data it receives?

All data submitted through Conserve.IO apps may be posted in the public domain and is intended to be kept indefinitely. Your contact information is only available to responsible authorities or researchers who wish to contact you for further information about your submissions if you explicitly allow for that when submitting such information.  

What about compliance with laws? applications may be used only for lawful purposes and in a lawful manner. You may not use Conserve.IO applications in any manner that violates any applicable law or governmental regulation. You agree to comply with all applicable laws, statutes, and regulations of any jurisdiction in which you request or perform Services.

What is Conserve.IO’s liability?

The Conserve.IO applications and data collections are for informational and educational purposes only. Conserve.IO assumes no liability for any actions resulting from the use of Conserve.IO applications. By agreeing to these user terms, you waive Conserve.IO of all liability, either in the event of injury or loss while using Conserve.IO applications, or in the event that your account and user information is accessed by a third party. We are not responsible for information accessed unlawfully from our servers.

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