Bringing compliance and outreach to the mobile age. 

GPS Triggered Zone Alerts

Alert automatically displays gps triggered "Do's and Don'ts" by species, seasonal limits and region. 

Multiple Layers

Alert is unique in its ability to integrate multiple layers of maps, satellite imagery and weather. Included are USGS Topo Maps and NOAA Raster ENC charts – helping ensure maximum situational awareness.

Push to the Network

Publish your zone information to over 30,000 boating mobile application users and tens of thousands of readers of regional boating services sites .

Cloud architecture, Online / Off-line support

Alert insures 24×7 availability of your  zone information with its cloud-based architecture and its support for Off-line “mode” – ensuring maximum compliance "reach".

AIS, Satellite Integration

Alert includes multiple data ingestion methods in addition to standard Internet access including AIS and satellite support. This way, we can broadcast to the widest audience possible without concern for connectivity.

Up-loadable Content

Upload species specific media including images, videos, graphics, maps and text to help  users better understand the unique characteristics of each species, their habitats and how to identify them.