We've built an integrated mobile data platform so that you don't have to. 

Time is of the essence and money is scarce. We provide an integrated mobile platform for scientists, naturalists and resource managers to help inform the public (and industry) about critical habitats and associated protection measures, and within the same app, harness crowdsourced data collection.

The "Spotter" platform is fully customizable such that we can deploy a mobile "application"  tailored for your specific needs in a matter of hours. 



Opportunistic and Effort based mobile data collection support.  

Utilizing built-in smart phone GPS capabilities, the Conserve.IO's mobile platform facilitates geo-data collection and, in particular, survey based data collection projects.  Conserve abstracts this process in a simple and mobile intuitive interface – delivering more accurate “sightings per effort” and geo-accurate logging of data in the process.


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Customizable forms, organizations and projects. 

Rather than building your own data collection app, take advantage of our fully customizable, data driven back-end. New organizations, projects and forms can be configured and installed in a matter of days if not hours, and once done, automatically propagate to your team's smart phones.  

Cloud-based Architecture

Spotter Pro is a robust, cloud-based system allowing for both online and offline data collection and supporting automatic data synchronization (once a network is detected) or manual, user controlled data upload. Once uploaded, data is easily exported to Excel, ArcGIS, Google Maps and other databases and analytic tools.


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Chart & Map Layers

Spotter incorporates multiple base-map layers including bathymetry, NOAA Raster charts and in our next release, TOPO maps, and premium hi-res imagery providing an important situational awareness dimension to various data collection applications.


Alert zones

 Alert zones are easily incorporated into the Spotter cloud-based database and once done, serve as real-time updates on management boundaries, seasonal opening and closing notifications and compliance protocols – providing a 360 degree solutions for commercial interests of all types.



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